Cabin Fever

The winter of 2018 blows through the Mount Washington valley in Northern New Hampshire, leaving in its wake dazzling snow, treacherous ice and crystalline trees.  For at least another six weeks, the people of Cherry Pond Fine Furniture hunker down facing the unexpected twists and turns of a North Country winter.

Inside the shop it’s cheerful and warm.  Delivery drivers and service techs are met with the heavy aroma of wood shavings from American hardwoods, such as cherry, maple, walnut and oak.  Milled wood planks are cut, planed, sanded and machined into parts that came together to create hand crafted, heirloom quality furniture – one piece at a time.

Outside, the February sun dazzles but gives a little warmth.

Inside, cutting into hard maple smells like baking brownies.

It is this particular point of the winter season that cabin fever settles in.  The snow banks climb higher and higher.  They create walls instead of vistas.  It is a time to turn inwards, too

re-evaluate – to create.

Therefore, it is not surprising that William Langevin, master craftsman and production manager, decided to utilize a variety of parts that had been cast inside because they did not work for their original intention.  His expertise allowed him to turn these orphans into something new, unusual and beautiful.  They are one of a kind pieces – meeting our standards of quality and exceptionalism.

From unique coffee tables and cabinets, to benches and dressers, the showroom got a face-lift.  The moral of this story – when cabin fever strikes – redecorate!!

In addition to spicing up the showroom with new and exciting pieces, the crew at CPFF worked on new products for our catalog.

It all begins with the idea.  The idea gets translated to CPFF’s CNC operator and designer Josh Bechtold.  He draws it up.  The idea is discussed, tweaked, implemented then built.  Everyone’s voice is heard and considered, which means our team is dynamic and involved – and the results are apparent.  The Cambridge make-up vanity is an example of many minds coming together to create a piece both utilitarian and aesthetic. This has happened many time before and will again.  The evolution continues. 

The snow will melt, ice will turn to slush, the trees will bud, and bird songs will fill the air.  That time is coming.  But until then, before we are distracted by summer and all its promise, winter is our time.  We have six weeks left.

What a Beautiful piece of furniture, every woman should have one!