In Love

I am in love with my dresser.   


Now, right off the bat that’s going to sound a little weird, but it isn’t, really. Be assured that this relationship is purely platonic and one of great admiration. It’s pretty clear that great OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdressers don’t have the capacity to engage in any nonsense. Rather they stand quietly in their appointed place and do their job. The select few that are properly made and treated will serve for generations and gain great value as antiques through the passage of the years, or centuries.

The subject dresser has ten drawers, sits directly in line with our bed so that when we wake up it’s the first thing we see over the foot rail. It’s very reassuring to find that it hasn’t gone some place during the night. At first glance it may seem like any ordinary dresser but then we notice the warm glow of the drawer fronts and notice too that each drawer front is made from the same cherry board with end-to-end matching grain. Nice touch!

Then we approach the dresser to open the drawers and get out the necessaries for the day. They glide effortlessly and when gently returned they do so with a very satisfying “thunk”. If loaded beyond capacity, sometimes as in my wife’s case, the “thunk” is not quite so elegant.  Note, she has the six foot model; I have the five foot edition.

What makes these drawers operate so nicely is a matched pair of wooden under-mount slides. The drawers travel in and out smoothly without wiggling side to side or sticking.

I am a great fan of properly installed wooden drawer guides. In the event of a mishap or accident they are easily repaired or replaced. As for durability over centuries wood wins hands down; no rust or worn out plastic bearings. Please note that many of our customers prefer metal slides of which there are many versions and qualities. In spite of our preference for wood slides cheerful adaptions of customers’ views are the norm; there are instances where metal slides are preferable.

Another great sensation is running hands over the surfaces and joinery feeling the inherent smoothness and noticing the precision fit. This is quality speak! It feels as great as it looks! The custom blended oil finish is lovely, environmentally friendly, long lasting, enhances the character of our wood surfaces and is easier to repair or refresh than any other quality wood finishes.

Please note that my enthusiastic and romantic feelings for this great piece of fine furniture and all of its sisters, brothers and cousins are entirely objective in every way, in spite of my close relationship with the makers as one of the founders. Cherry Pond Fine Furniture is truly dedicated to its’ high standards of quality, service and customer relationships.

It is indeed a privilege to be associated with this small band of furniture makers whose skills, ingenuity, dedication to quality and service are at the core of our mission of offering superlative products to discriminating owners.  Nor should we fail to acknowledge our suppliers, our bankers and, above all, our customers, all of whom play integral roles in our very small rendition of the American Dream.

Thanks Guys & Gals! For all that you do…and are!

– The Wood Blogger