New Beginnings

peterFrom the desk of Peter Guest Jr., President of Cherry Pond Fine Furniture.

     I want to tell you who we are and what we do. A little background : my family has been in the woodworking business for six generations. My father, Peter Guest Sr., and his father, moved their millwork co. from Norwalk, Ct. to Whitefield, N.H. in 1967.  I was ten years old. That co. morphed into Brown St. Furniture, and Peter Sr. retired as president and CEO in the 90’s. However, he could not retire. Cherry Pond Fine Furniture was born out of his undying desire to create and innovate.
     My beginning here at Cherry Pond was unplanned. I was working in residential construction when I came out to Jefferson, N.H. to help Peter Sr. and my brother, John Guest, construct a passive solar building that was originally supposed to be Peter Sr.’s hobby shop. You might have guessed where this goes: With his relationships and contacts in the industry, we were in business by 1991.
     Our first pieces were mainly traditional shaker designs using mostly cherry but some maple. We advertised in magazines and Peter Sr.’s dealer network from his former company was instrumental in getting our product out there.Times were good and we grew. Sam Cushing, who was also a refugee from the construction industry, came to work with us. His talent was design, engineering, and later, sales. Though Sam left us to pursue other interests, many product lines he designed and developed are still very popular today. Nothing stays the same:time marches on.
     Though the vistas are breathtaking, living in northern N.H. is not easy. Those who choose to do so, I feel, have dug their heels in and made their stand. This describes the employees and CPFF: some are native, some came from somewhere else and stayed. Our crew is diverse, talented, and dedicated. Our mission is to produce the highest quality furniture, using the best materials, at a fair price, and stand behind it.
     I hope you have enjoyed this small glimpse into the beginnings of CPFF. The sun is setting on the pond reminding me its time to sign off. More next time.

Peter Guest