The Original Social Media by The Wood Blogger

800w-Peter Guest, Sr with family and friends, Circa 1939_FBUp to this point, as an active octogenarian, I have studiously avoided social media thinking all these outlets were poor substitutes for the cocktail parties popular in my parents’ day.  

I was a frequent guest at these even when young because my parents were responsible enough not to leave me on my own but unwilling to miss a good party. These gatherings led to life-long friendships with adults who later in life became cherished and valued connections. I hasten to add that I never saw any of these great folks be anything other than animated, stimulating, great conversationalists, intelligent, kind and thoughtful. I am very proud and happy to have been considered a friend.
It turns out that these social gatherings also led to my first piece of business. One evening, I negotiated my first commission as a fledgling wood worker, a fold-down table mounted to the kitchen wall (made of cherry of course) for our hostess.  Memorable chiefly because I still sport a constant reminder: in-line scars on my left hand between the roots of the thumb and forefinger, top and bottom, caused by an errant chisel. As I got older, chisels became a little more  friendly.

Those days were great and what’s really nice is that a lot of the same elements that made those special also work in today’s social media world. We meet, we start to talk about common interests and pretty soon we’re looking for ways to help you find the furniture that not only works for you but will be an heirloom with all the memories that come with things that last a long time.

So, Cherry Pond Fine Furniture will be out there mingling with the masses and connecting with all you discriminating folks with good taste, appreciation for first-class service, quality and durability for generations to come. That is our mantra! Thanks for tuning in!  
–    The Wood Blogger